Cable news has covered a dead senator more than living flood victims

By Philip Bump

Several people have been killed in the flooding that has drowned significant parts of Nebraska and Iowa, with estimates of the cost of the damage already topping $1 billion. The floods could have a broad effect over the longer term, too, with some already-struggling farmers in those states now facing ruin.

But floods aren’t, by themselves, a political story, as such. It’s not as central to the political debate of the moment as, say, President Trump’s ongoing disparagement of the late Republican senator John McCain — a disparagement that continued into Trump’s interview with Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo that aired on Friday morning.

There are real reasons that Trump’s ongoing feud with a dead man is important to the political moment, as The Washington Post reported on Friday, given how it overlaps with Trump’s effort to solidify his base ahead of the 2020 presidential election. But it’s hard to see it as inherently more newsworthy than the flooding in…

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