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Obama Blvd. Unanimously Approved by L.A. City Council

Legislation Approval

PORTER RANCH (PRTimes.News) — Former President Barack Obama is making a visit to Southern California Saturday days after the L.A. City Council unanimously approved the establishment of Obama Boulevard.

Ordinance No. 185746, changing the name of Rodeo Road to Obama Boulevard, was passed, 15-0, by City Council members Tuesday, August 28, 2018, then signed and approved three days after by City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

The L.A. City Council found that the “public interest, convenience, and necessity require that the name of that certain public street… known as or called Rodeo Road be and the same is hereby changed to and established as Obama Boulevard.”

Obama Boulevard, previously Rodeo Road, is located between Gramercy Place, approximately 250 feet westerly of Jefferson Boulevard.

Not everyone agrees that the street name should be changed to the former President’s surname.

“Since President Obama’s departure in January 2017, he has not used his political influence to assist the residence of Los Angeles to combat some of the broader issues, like homelessness,” O. Randolph wrote in an email written to Michael Espinosa a legislative assistant for the L.A. Council and Public Service Division.

“The project would be more appropriate for President’s Row… ,” O. Randolph said.  

The City’s ordinance will become effective Monday, September 10, 2018, following Obama’s visit to Anaheim Saturday to campaign for State Democrats.

Obama’s visit to the Southern California is part of an larger Democratic effort to energize the party and boost voter turnout for the midterm elections coming up this November 2018.

“This moment is really different. The stakes really are higher. The consequences of any of us sitting on the sidelines are more dire,” he said.

To win tickets to the rally, you can text Barack at 97779.

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