Nico and Veronica Introduced as Snap’s Latest Traditionally Fashioned Spectacles

It was likely you did not rush out and buy the uniquely designed Original Spectacles by Snap when they were release back in September 2016.

The proprietary design left most buyers on the sideline hoping for an improved design in the near future.

Well today Snap just upped its coolness factor when it rolled out “a new way to look” with two newly styled version of the Original Spectacles sunglasses, called Nico and Veronica.

The new Spectacles 2 resemble popular traditional styles and can capture 10-second and 30 second HD videos or hundreds of HD photos from the visual perspective of the wearer. This avoids wasting time reaching for a camera or phone.

Wearing the sunglasses are great for capturing unanticipated special moments, recording adventures, and documenting events. Videos or photos are easy to share and sync wirelessly to your phone and Snapchat account.

Taking a video or photo automatically activates a facing indicator light, letting people know that the glasses are being used.

The Nico and Veronica both come with 4GB of built-in flash storage and hold 70 videos or 3,000 photos. A fully charged built-in battery is capable of capturing and transferring up to 70 videos.

Both designs are available in black-on-black, with polarized lenses that reduce glare and protect eyes from harmful UV light, and are “built to survive pool parties and beach days,” so you can take them anywhere.

Nico and Veronica sell for $199.99 and are available online at

See at Snapchat

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