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3,190 Gated Community Residents Not Part of L.A. City Attorney Approved Survey

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PORTER RANCH (PRTimes.News) – A recent L.A. City Attorney approved paper survey sent out by the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council left 3,190 gated community residential addresses off the mailing list, precluding those homeowners from participating.

According to the PRNC survey results, 4,500 residential addresses and 1,400 business addresses, totaling 5,900 recipients, received the comprehensive paper survey. About 54% of the addresses to be included in the survey, were “inadvertently kept” off of the compiled mailing list obtained from a local title company and the City of L.A.

The residential addresses not included in the survey were part of a Planned Unit Development. The PUD homes were not part of the survey because they are situated behind gates, the August 11, 2018 PRNC survey results presentation showed.

“Those are mostly in gated communities that are classified as PUDs (Planned Unit Developments) instead of Single Family Residences, which is why they were missed,” the PRNC said. Porter Ranch has multiple gated communities. Many of the gated communities are part of the newer home construction developments north of Rinaldi Street and west of Porter Ranch Drive. “We definitely should have been part of the survey,” a local gated community resident Mary Martin said.

The survey cost approximately $6,500 which included folding, addressing of both outgoing and return envelopes, filling both survey and return envelopes, sealing, adding postage, and mailing approximately 5,900 outgoing envelopes.

Questions in the survey asked respondents their top concerns for the community, how the PRNC should allocate its budget, whether the Aliso Canyon Gas Facility should remain open or should close immediately, their attendance at PRNC meetings and for feedback and opinions.

Participation in the survey was just under ten percent, totaling 9.3%. There were 401 or 6.8% paper surveys returned, and 148 or 2.5% online surveys completed.

Highest on the list of concerns for the community pertained to the Aliso Canyon Gas Facility. Seventy-nine percent of responses want the facility closed. Next on the list are concerns for safety and policing, which also includes traffic enforcement and homelessness. Community beautification was additionally an important concern for residents responding to the survey.

The PRNC is certified by the City of Los Angeles as a local organization designed to influence City lawmakers and departments to improve the community. Board members are volunteers elected by stakeholders who want to make Porter Ranch a better place to “live, work and grow.”

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